Writing Coach

Are you eager to get started on a creative or professional project, but often have trouble finding the right words when you put pen to paper? I will familiarize you with the basic tools of the craft of writing and empower you to express yourself in whatever fashion you seek. This could include writing better business memos,  developing a blog, working on a novel or short story, or even academic support for students. A typical one hour session includes review of example writings in your genre, setting clear goals for your development, and at least 15 minutes of free writing which is then edited with my help. These sessions can be one-on-one or customized for a group looking to improve collectively. 


Freelance Reporting/Ghost Writing

If you don't want to learn to do the writing yourself, I can do it for you. I am equally interested in one-off projects and long term contracts in all areas of interest. I can write anything from a training manual to a family newsletter. Please see my publications page for examples of my work!


Expressive Writing

We all have stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from reaching our full potential. Whether it's our inner critic telling us we're clumsy, stupid, not artistic, not a good person....you get the idea. But often, these stories are ones we've been telling ourselves since childhood, rooted deep in our past based on what we were told, not what's actually true. We will begin by defining these stories, and proceed to examine how they are holding you back, and what comfort they are bringing you that you will have to let go of to grow. Then, we will re-write your inner monologue to direct you toward the person you can be; not who others have told you that you are.


Pricing varies by project, with considerations made for both duration and complexity. Please contact me at akpeckham@gmail.com to discuss!


Skype or in-person meetings preferred.